Cytocast™ Digital Twin

Transforming Patient Care

Embark on a groundbreaking journey towards personalized medicine with Cytocast Digital Twin. Our revolutionary technology combines multi-omics data and patient-specific clinical information to create an exact digital replica of each individual.

Cytocast™ Digital Twin

We use data to add value and generate meaningful results that drive positive technological progress in precision medicine. Our aim with Cytocast™ Digital Twin is to significantly improve treatment efficacy and provide patients with effective therapeutic options. 

Our latest breakthrough technology, the Cytocast™ Digital Twin, is set to revolutionize patient care. Expanding upon our established Cytocast™ Cell Simulator platform, this state-of-the-art implementation could serve as an Integrative Clinical Decision Support Software, aiding in therapeutic decision-making. By incorporating multi-omics data (genetics, proteomics, metabolomics) and patient-specific clinical data, including age, gender, and medical history, a precise digital twin of the patient will be generated. This innovative approach will offer personalized treatment plans to patients who were previously left without effective therapeutic options, promising a brighter future for patients. 


With the increasing cost of healthcare, there is a pressing need to enhance treatment effectiveness by adopting value-based approaches that prioritize personalized medicine. This approach seeks to align interventions, drugs, and treatments with patient outcomes, compensating healthcare providers based on their ability to improve patient outcomes. Nevertheless, the diversity of clinical responses to drugs remains a barrier to effective care, and existing personalized medicine methods fall short in adapting to the unique needs of individual patients. 

However, Cytocast offers a solution to this challenge through our advanced technology, the Cytocast™ Digital Twin. By leveraging patient-specific molecular multi-omics and clinical data, our software generates a precise digital twin of the patient, allowing us to test the effectiveness and side- effects of various drugs and drug combinations and provide personalized treatment recommendations.  

At this stage we have a ready proof of concept for the Cytocast™ Digital Twin. Our focus now is on applying the technology to explore diverse treatments and diseases. If you're interested in learning more about the Cytocast™ Digital Twin and its role in our roadmap towards personalized medicine, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.  

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Precision Medicine 

Here, you can discover examples on how our technology can be utilized to advance precision medicine. For a more detailed understanding of how we implement our technology, visit our How We Do It page. Here, you'll find publications and information about collaborative research projects we have undertaken or are currently involved in. 

We stand at the forefront of a new era in healthcare, where treatments and interventions are customized to individuals and patient populations, revolutionizing global patient care. Conventional one-size-fits-all approaches often result in suboptimal outcomes for patients. However, thanks to progress in genomics, analytical science, and technology, we can now develop personalized treatments based on a patient's unique genetic makeup, environment, and lifestyle.

At the core of our mission lies precision medicine, also known as personalized medicine. Our technology enhances patient outcomes by integrating patients' biological characteristics into a computer model. This allows us to analyze disease disruptions and predict how drugs can individually modify cellular health. Built upon the Cytocast™ Simulated Cell, our platform offers a comprehensive understanding of how perturbations such as diseases or drugs affect cellular health.

By integrating multi-omics data with extensive scientific knowledge, we unlock profound insights into patient biology, hastening scientific breakthroughs. Our Cytocast™ Digital Twin technology translates patient data into invaluable therapeutic decision support, empowering doctors to select the most effective treatment options for each patient. Our tissue-specific reports delineate newly formed protein complexes linked to phenotypes and potential side effects, empowering doctors to make well-informed decisions about patient care.