Treat the
patient not the

Flight simulators are used to test pilots, we create a cell simulator to test treatments.

Cytocast Ltd. is a Budapest-based startup company that revolutionizes drug discovery and personalized treatment by integrating bioinformatics databases with patient data into computer models to understand the effects of perturbations caused by diseases and predict how drugs can modify cellular health.

Prof. Attila Csikász-Nagy


Attila is a world expert in computational and systems biology with more than 60 published papers, 3000 citations and earlier positions at a Microsoft Research Centre and King’s College London. He has far-reaching connection network at pharma companies and research institutes. He was earlier a founder and CPO of CL-IC Technologies Ltd (Cambridge, UK).

Helga Reguly


Helga studied entrepreneurship in the ESTEEM (Engineering, Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Excellence Master`s Program) program of the University of Notre Dame, USA. During her studies, she won several pitch competitions in Silicon Valley and in Budapest, and with the commercialization plan of an ultrasound-based dermatology device, they also won “Best written business plan” award in the US.

Dr. István Reguly


István, an earlier postdoc at Oxford University has spent a decade doing research in high performance computing. He is primarily focused on efficiently describing computational problems and algorithms, ranging from mathematics to neuroscience, and then accelerating them on both single workstations and larger computational clusters.

Bence Keömley-Horváth


Bence is a PhD student in Informatics at PPCU, he did his MSc thesis under the guidance of Prof. Csikász-Nagy and Dr. Reguly.

Dr. Simone Rizzetto


Simone spent the last 10 years developing large-scale simulations. He obtained an MSc at the University of Trento in Italy and completed a PhD in Medical Sciences at the University of New South Wales, one of the top Australian university. During his studies, he collaborated with the major research institutes in Australia and published his research in the top scientific journals in the field of immunology and bioinformatics.

Dr. Erzsébet Fichó

Head of Bioinformatics

Erzsébet graduated as a medical biotechnologist after her MSc at Pazmany Peter Catholic University.  Later than, she became a professional scientist with a demonstrated history in Bioinformatics. She also got her Ph.D. in Bionformatics. As a researcher, she focuses on proteins and their interactions and also well-versed in building databases.

Szabolcs Cselgő Kovács


Szabolcs got his degree in nanotechnology from Aalborg University. He is interested in computational modeling of biological systems such as metabolic and protein engineering.

Áron Weber

Computational Biologist

Áron graduated with a master’s degree specialized in computational systems biology from Pázmány Péter Catholic University in Budapest, where he is currently doing his Ph.D. under the supervision of Prof. Csikász-Nagy. His main research interests include the mathematical modeling of biological systems, applied statistics, and network biology.

Fanni Nagy


Fanni is currently a computer engineering MSc student at Pazmany Peter Catholic University. Her main interests are cloud computing and Kubernetes, which also form the basis of her master’s thesis.

Business advisors

Buddy Burke


At the University of California, Berkeley Entrepreneurship Program, Buddy Burke has mentored and overseen hundreds of startups, while launching several of his own. He is also a former international pilot for Pan Am and American Airlines, with degrees in math and business.

Martyn Eeles


Martyn Eeles is a former top ten financial advisor, executive board member, and one of the senior 200 blockchain executives in the Bay Area. Martyn has consulted for several companies with the implementation of the blockchain.

He is a former founder turned mentor/coach. He is a startup mentor and coach at Budapest, San Francisco, Portugal, London, and Austria.

Martyn has scaled several companies from local businesses to global businesses, he was the youngest partner at a financial firm and has been listed as a top 200-block chain executive.

Margó Kohanecz


Margó is a known healthcare expert, former director of Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Advisory at KPMG Hungary. Earlier during her career she gained experience as sales director at several leading B2B and B2C medical publishing companies, both in the print and the digital fields. She is a digital marketing strategist, providing marketing strategy planning and execution for her clients. Margó is the founder and GM of her own healthcare communications agency advising major pharmaceutical companies on market penetration, segmentation and M&A projects. She holds an MBA in Marketing and International Management from Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland.

William Benko


Mr. William Benko is an entrepreneur, a sought-after public speaker and philanthropist.

Mr. Benko moved to Budapest, Hungary from Denver, Colorado.  He is involved in ventures from health care to software, and actively mentors start-ups in fintech and femtech.

Yijie Lin

Acting CFO

Yijie is now an Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Business Analytics dual degree student at the University of Notre Dame. Before MBA, he most recently worked for a listed education to do buy-side acquisition. Prior to that, he was a manager at KPMG transaction service advisory. He is certified public accountant and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

Science advisors

Assoc. Prof. Fabio Luciani


Fabio Luciani is a theoretical physicist, he has a PhD in theoretical biology and biophysics from the Humboldt University of Berlin, and he is an associate professor at the University of New South Wales in Sydney.

His interdisciplinary research group focuses on immunology, more specifically study the immune response against Hepatitis C and Influenza viruses as well as new immunotherapies against cancer.

Prof. Alberto Paccanaro


Alberto Paccanaro is full Professor in Machine Learning and Computational Biology in the Department of Computer Science at Royal Holloway University of London, where he is also Director of the Centre for Systems and Synthetic Biology. He completed his undergraduate studies in Computer Science at the University of Milan and received his PhD from the University of Toronto in 2002, specializing in machine learning under the supervision of Geoffrey Hinton. From 2002 to 2006, he was a postdoc in Mansoor Saqi’s lab at Queen Mary University of London and then in Mark Gerstein’s lab at Yale University. His research interests are in applying and developing machine learning algorithms for solving problems in molecular biology and medicine.

Assoc. Prof. Zoltán Gáspári


Zoltán is an associate professor at Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Faculty of Information Tehcnology and Bioinics. He received his PhD in 2004 at Eötvös Loránd University in structural biology. His current research is centered around the investigation of the organization and dynamics of postsynaptic proteins using a range of experimental and computational methods.

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